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Soho Knives 10 Piece Chef's Set

Catalogue No. DM99S


DM99S Soho Knives 10 Piece Chef's Set Best Value
Catalogue No. DM99S £59.50
This brand new 10 piece chefs set contains:
DM99B Turning knife
DM99E Tomato knife 10cm / 4"
DM99F Paring knife 9cm / 3.5"
DM99H Boning knife 15cm / 6"
DM99J Filleting knife 12.5cm / 5"
DM99K Cooks knife (deep blade) 20cm / 8"
DM99N Attache case
DM99Q Pastry knife 23cm / 9"
DM99R Santoku 19cm / 7.5"
DM99M Honing Steel 20cm / 8".

Sold seperately £87.35, as a set £59.50. Saving of more than 30%.

Our best value set!