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Manufacturer's ID: 3073DN

3073DN I.O.Shen Chefs Knife 24cm (9.5")

Catalogue No. DM74D


This Cook’s knife combines the weight and handle of a German knife with the blade angle and steel of a Japanese knife. The handle: Heavy, familiar in shape and style to anyone who has used one of the modern German classics. The blade has a central core of the hardest steel surrounded by two layers of soft steel to protect the hard but brittle core. The composition of the blade allows it to be honed and sharpened at a 15º angle. The I.O.Shen Cook’s knife is perfect for the professional chef and home enthusiasts alike. The blade length is 24cm (9.5”). The I.O.Shen Cook’s knife is available in a range of sizes: 21cm (2.25”), 27cm (10.5”).

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