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Professional chef's knives for the discerning chef. Our wide range of chefs knives includes Victorinox, Wusthof, Henckel, Kasumi, Sabatier, F Dick, Global, I.O.Shen, Kai, Le Chef and our own range of high quality knives - Soho Knives Black and Soho Knives Forged.

Soho Knives is part of Dennys Brands and is a specialist shop for chef's knives.

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We offer a great range of chefs knives - see the benefits these chef knives offer in the kitchen:


Established in 1884, Victorinox provided the Swiss Army with a knife they could depend on. Victorinox professional knives stand out thanks to their high quality, durable materials and ergonomic design, qualities that professionals have come to depend on.


Global knives retain a thousand years of Samurai sword making tradition. Global knives are ice tempered for a razor sharp cutting edge and use exclusive steel with 18% chromium, providing unrivalled stain resistance. Balanced using sand, which allows for the omission of a tang and bolster so there is no hindrance to the cutting edge.


Wusthof have been setting the standard for designing and manufacturing precision forged knives for almost 200 years. With a skilled, dedicated team of 300, Wusthof follow strict rules to achieve the finest quality forged and laser cut knives. Wusthof also boast excellent envirnomentally friendsly processes in every aspect of production.


Kasumi Damascus knives are produced using a closely guarded technique. Using 33 layers of stainless steel, these bolster-less knives are created by forge welding two layers of repeatedly folded steel to a hardened inner cutting edge. Kasumi finish the blade with a resin impregnated wooden handle, riveted to the tang.


I.O.Shen Mastergrade Japanese steel knives are made with a unique construction which gives them a cutting edge second to none. I.O.Shen Mastergrade knives wrap steel around the brittle cutting core to create sharpness and strength. I.O.Shen’s blend of high technology and traditional hand finishing have produced an exceptional range of knives.


Henckel is one of the world’s leading names in the world of high quality knives. With 280 years of experience in manufacturing knives of the highest quality, Henckel's dedication to knife creation; from processing the raw material to the finished knife, is a reason Henckels knives are synonymous with quality.


With over 230 years of manufacturing experience, F.Dick has created a tradition and quality unique to its knives and knife accessories. The 1905 range mixes this tradition with modernity. The slim blade which is ground particularly sharp is perfectly balanced, and the quality mark is stamped to the blade itself to commorate the exceptional period of 1905.


Made in Thiers for 8 generations, the true quality of a Sabatier knife cannot be questioned. Sabatier knives are hand made, 100% forged from French high carbon stainless steel. The Sabatier Perrier range is made in the traditional way with the blade, bolster and tang in one piece, with riveted ABS and glass fibre handles, giving additional strength.


Working with chef’s and restaurants since 1840, and selling a range of knife brands for 18 years, has given Denny's a unique understanding of knives. This has culminated in the Le Chef Knife range. Made with 37 layers of damascus Japanese steel, these light weight Le Chef knives are bolster-less so as not to hinder the cutting edge.


Founded in 1908 in the home of Samurai Sword production, Kai, a world leading brand in knife production, combine the knowledge of past masters with the very best of modern production techniques to deliver some of the best knives on the market. You can see the values Kai holds – strength, balance, beauty, history and art – shining through in every knife Kai makes, and across their entire ranges. These values are upheld by Kai’s philosophical, holistic approach to knife making that ensures the old ways are respected.


Wasabi Black are an introduction to Kai knives, made from stainless steel with the same attention to detail as the renowned Shun range. Wasabi Black knives are elegantly designed, perfectly balanced and most importantly very sharp! Easy to maintain and handle, they are a brilliant addition to anyone’s knife collection.